Mergers & Acquisitions

Dynamic market

In the IT market, change is the only constant. Especially since Cloud has become the new standard, many IT companies try to re-invent their position and go-to-market strategy. As a result, large players consider carving out traditional activities and acquire new and innovative companies. At the same time investors try to create economies of scale by consolidating companies, and smaller companies look for investors and partners to enable growth.

Market needs

These developments create a strong need for expert advice, guidance and support from a party with an in-depth understanding of the IT market and capable of orchestrating successful company mergers.

Burnt Oak’s position on the M&A market

Burnt Oak has been playing successfully in this niche market since 2015. We offer M&A services to sellers, buyers and investors with a clear focus on the IT market, particularly in the Benelux and the Nordic region.

“Burnt Oak offers the IT industry a unique combination of services ranging from strategic sourcing advice and M&A brokerage to executive search.”
Peter 't Jong, CEO Atos

Our M&A services

  • Market analysis
  • M&A strategy
  • Searching and matching buyers, sellers and investors
  • M&A brokerage
  • Due diligence services
  • Post-merger support

In close cooperation with parties offering complementary services, we offer a comprehensive service package covering the complete M&A cycle from strategy to implementation.

René Baas

Partner, Benelux

Experienced commercial leader and networker. Hands-on involvement in large deals and M&A transaction…

The M&A cycle

Successful mergers and acqusitions start with a clear business strategy, followed by a thorough scan of the market. This requires a good knowledge and understanding of the market trends and its players.

Often the focus lies on the financial and legal aspects, with too little attention for the business dynamics and the people and management aspects.

This is where Burnt Oak Partners makes the difference. Combined with financial and legal expertise from the client’s organization and external experts, we support the complete M&A cycle, including post-merger coaching. With a clear focus on delivering the expected business benefits.